Window Shopping – Shop My Instagram

Window Shopping – Shop My Instagram

As I’m playing a bit of catch up getting some of my Instagram “looks” on this blog, I figured I’d make it easier for those of you wanting to shop or “window shop” some of my outfits (and a few of Jonathan’s)! Under each photo, you’ll find links to the exact items we are wearing (or similar if the items are no longer available)! You’ll also find links to other items on previous posts here, here, and here!

Happy Shopping, Friends!

Sunglasses: (similar) here | Blazer (similar): here | Jeans: here | Espadrilles (similar) here | Bag: here


Earrings: (similar) here | Shirt: (similar) here | Jeans: here | Espadrilles: (similar) here


Sunglasses: here | Necklace: (similar) here | Earrings: here | Romper: here | Bag: here | Shoes: here


Necklace: here | Blazer: here | Belt: (similar) here | Skirt: (similar) here  | Shoes: here


Sunglasses: (similar) here | Earrings: (similar) here | Sweater: (similar) here | Jeans: here
Sunglasses: Prada ‘Baroque’ (search Ebay and Poshmark) | Earrings: here | Dress: (similar) here | Bag: here | Sandals: here
Sunglasses: (similar) here | Earrings: here | OTS Top: here | Jeans: here


Earrings: here | Romper: here


Jeans: (similar) here | Shoes: (similar) here
Sunglasses: here | Earrings: (similar) here | Dress (similar): here or here | Handbag: here | Shoes (similar): here
Sunglasses: (similar) here | Earrings: (similar) here | OTS Maxi Dress: here


Sunglasses: (similar) here | Shirt: out of stock | Belt: here | Jeans: here | Shoes (similar): here



Sunglasses: here | Shirt: (similar) here | Husband: mine


Ann Taylor blazer: here | Skirt: here | Belt: here | Shoes: here | Bag: here

Rx: Retail Therapy – Not Cheap, Highly Effective

Rx: Retail Therapy – Not Cheap, Highly Effective

When I’m in a great mood, I shop! If I’m in a bad mood, I shop! If I’m feeling blah, I go to Target or Home Goods and walk around until I find something to make me smile. Nordstrom is the best therapist there is. I pay her quite a bit, and she gives me good things. True story.

A few weeks ago I decided to channel all of this shopping energy into an Instagram account to share what I’m wearing, where I’m shopping and what I’m buying these days! When we first moved to Madison, Wisconsin in the fall of 2017,  I was thinking of starting a blog about fashion in colder climates because y’all, IT. GETS. COLD. Really. Freaking. Cold. Before we moved here, I wondered if there was a difference between “cold” and “colder.” For instance, there’s freezing cold at 32° (which ends up feeling warm) compared to “Holy Sh!t. It’s -27° and the dog needs to go out.”  In the latter scenario, enter Fresh Patch. A literal lifesaver if you’re living in an apartment…with a balcony…on a higher floor…with a dog. I’ll tell you all about that another day…

Anyway, back to this Instagram account….the weather in Madison is glorious in the summer and early fall. GLORIOUS. So, I thought, why not do year-round fashion?!? So, that’s what I’ll be doing. Bringing you guys great fashion ideas, tips, and deals (as I find them) all year long! I’ll link everything here…and please do follow along on my Instagram ( or click the Instagram feed on the right >>>>>>>>>>>>>

Happy Retail Therapy!

XO, Taryn

Put a Bikini on that Body

Put a Bikini on that Body

SHOP THIS LOOK: Chanel Sunglasses: (similar) here | Luli Fama Bikini: here

The two most important steps to getting a bikini body:

  1. Have a body
  2. Get a bikini

…and I might recommend getting this one! A friend of mine introduced me to Luli Fama a few years back, and the brand is a great go-to for fun prints, interesting designs, and incredible quality! I wore this one during my honeymoon to South Africa and Mauritius and can’t wait to wear it again!

The Hat Most Traveled

The Hat Most Traveled



SHOP THIS LOOK: Get this LAUREN hat for yourself, or a similar one here. | Chanel Sunglasses (similar – mine are sold out): here | Cupshe Swimsuit (similar): here

THIS HAT. I distinctly remember perusing the new Belk store at Galleria Dallas a few years ago not even looking for a hat. On my way out the door, I spotted this LAUREN by Ralph Lauren floppy hat, and thought “I’m sure I’ll get some use out of this!” — I was right!  From Lake Mendota, Wisconsin to Kruger National Park, South Africa, this hat has seen some beautiful places! Shop my look by visiting the links above.

Jonathan likes to rag me about this hat (because I’m always wearing it), but as you can see, even HE got in on the action on our recent trip to Ixtapa, Mexico. HA!