Window Shopping – Shop My Instagram

As I’m playing a bit of catch up getting some of my Instagram “looks” on this blog, I figured I’d make it easier for those of you wanting to shop or “window shop” some of my outfits (and a few of Jonathan’s)! Under each photo, you’ll find links to the exact items we are wearing (or similar if the items are no longer available)! You’ll also find links to other items on previous posts here, here, and here!

Happy Shopping, Friends!

Sunglasses: (similar) here | Blazer (similar): here | Jeans: here | Espadrilles (similar) here | Bag: here


Earrings: (similar) here | Shirt: (similar) here | Jeans: here | Espadrilles: (similar) here


Sunglasses: here | Necklace: (similar) here | Earrings: here | Romper: here | Bag: here | Shoes: here


Necklace: here | Blazer: here | Belt: (similar) here | Skirt: (similar) here  | Shoes: here


Sunglasses: (similar) here | Earrings: (similar) here | Sweater: (similar) here | Jeans: here
Sunglasses: Prada ‘Baroque’ (search Ebay and Poshmark) | Earrings: here | Dress: (similar) here | Bag: here | Sandals: here
Sunglasses: (similar) here | Earrings: here | OTS Top: here | Jeans: here


Earrings: here | Romper: here


Jeans: (similar) here | Shoes: (similar) here
Sunglasses: here | Earrings: (similar) here | Dress (similar): here or here | Handbag: here | Shoes (similar): here
Sunglasses: (similar) here | Earrings: (similar) here | OTS Maxi Dress: here


Sunglasses: (similar) here | Shirt: out of stock | Belt: here | Jeans: here | Shoes (similar): here



Sunglasses: here | Shirt: (similar) here | Husband: mine


Ann Taylor blazer: here | Skirt: here | Belt: here | Shoes: here | Bag: here

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