Rx: Retail Therapy – Not Cheap, Highly Effective

When I’m in a great mood, I shop! If I’m in a bad mood, I shop! If I’m feeling blah, I go to Target or Home Goods and walk around until I find something to make me smile. Nordstrom is the best therapist there is. I pay her quite a bit, and she gives me good things. True story.

A few weeks ago I decided to channel all of this shopping energy into an Instagram account to share what I’m wearing, where I’m shopping and what I’m buying these days! When we first moved to Madison, Wisconsin in the fall of 2017,  I was thinking of starting a blog about fashion in colder climates because y’all, IT. GETS. COLD. Really. Freaking. Cold. Before we moved here, I wondered if there was a difference between “cold” and “colder.” For instance, there’s freezing cold at 32° (which ends up feeling warm) compared to “Holy Sh!t. It’s -27° and the dog needs to go out.”  In the latter scenario, enter Fresh Patch. A literal lifesaver if you’re living in an apartment…with a balcony…on a higher floor…with a dog. I’ll tell you all about that another day…

Anyway, back to this Instagram account….the weather in Madison is glorious in the summer and early fall. GLORIOUS. So, I thought, why not do year-round fashion?!? So, that’s what I’ll be doing. Bringing you guys great fashion ideas, tips, and deals (as I find them) all year long! I’ll link everything here…and please do follow along on my Instagram (@the.good.schmidt) or click the Instagram feed on the right >>>>>>>>>>>>>

Happy Retail Therapy!

XO, Taryn

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